Activity-based & Exercise Therapy, Massage Therapy

So you might be asking yourself, what is exercise therapy?  Activity-Based Therapy is the combination of personal training and medical-based rehabilitation therapy. (*While our experienced exercise specialists are not certified in physical, occupational, aquatic, speech or vocational therapies – fundamental elements from these may look familiar and could be used to  create the best possible exercise therapy program for you). Some of the exercises and therapies may be similar to that in rehab or clinic setting.

Exercise Therapy is a regimen or plan of physical activities designed and prescribed for specific therapeutic goals. Its purpose is to restore normal musculoskeletal function or to reduce pain caused by diseases or injuries. Many of our patients utilize our therapies for rehabilitation of paralysis, MS, Stroke and other conditions they are experiencing. *As stated by NCBI. Neuromuscular therapy is a form of soft tissue manipulation that aims to treat underlying causes of chronic pain involving the muscular and nervous systems. This medically-oriented form of massage addresses trigger points (tender muscles points), circulation, nerve compression, postural issues, and biomechanical problems that can be caused by repetitive movement injuries.

Intake Form

Therapy and training that our program provides:

  • Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)
  • TENS Therapy
  • Neuromuscular reeducation
  • Gait training
  • Standing and weight bearing (full and partial)
  • Muscular strength training
  • Muscular endurance training
  • Cardiovascular endurance training​
  • Range of motion (ROM)
  • Fine motor skills
  • Balance exercises
  • Core strengthening and stabilizing
  • Coordination exercises
  • Proper breathing training

Therapy and training that our program provides:

  • Transfer training
  • Nutritional advice*Our specialists are not nutritionists or registered dieticians.
  • Supplementation advice
  • Caregiver training (ROM, transferring, FES set-up, etc.)
  • ​At-home and personal ​exercise training

What you need to get started

  • Intake form click here
  • Medical Clearance form signed by physician (pg. 3 of intake form)
  • Bone-density scan *Not required for all participants

How much do the services cost?

Vertical Therapy strives to keep costs low for the client and remain competitive with therapy services. Our base rate for therapy costs are $132/hr.(Additional travel charges may apply based on location; please contact for an exact quote)