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Our mission is to maximize the

well-being & independence

for individuals living with paralysis

exercise therapy
in the greater Puget Sound

Vertical Therapy is an in-home, activity-based and exercise therapy company specializing in assisting people with all types of paralysis - through mobile service - to meet and exceed their therapy goals. Our mission is to maximize the well-being and independence for individuals with paralysis while creating social and economic value for clients and our employees.

Exercise Therapy is the merging of personal training and physical therapy principals, combining aspects and fundamentals from medically based therapies, sports rehab and fitness training. These modalities include a wide range of therapies: range of motion (ROM), functional electrical stimulation (FES), pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, red light therapy, coordination and balance exercises, developmental exercises, gait, muscular strength and endurance training, neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic exercises, TENS/EMS/NMES, etc.

Our goal is to help you improve your health, become more independent, and regain the ability to do the things you love. We are proud to have worked with countless individuals impacted by paralysis due to injury, illness or other neurological diagnoses in the Greater Seattle, Everett, Bellevue, Tacoma & Olympia areas.


We know that many people, in need of ongoing therapy, have limited means to travel to a centralized facility; Vertical Therapy bridges that gap by coming to you!

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Discover the benefits of mobile therapy with Vertical Therapy. Our services are designed to save you time and provide you with the utmost convenience. Say goodbye to the hassle of traveling or arranging transportation. With mobile therapy, you can receive service in the comfort of your own home. Our flexible schedule and extended hours ensure that you can access therapy services when needed. Don't wait, and reach out to us today!

Image by Jacob Padilla

Megan Blunk, US Paralympian and Gold Medalist

“Exercise is important to me because it gives me a sense of
accomplishment and feeds my motivation. I love getting the
opportunity to push myself to be better and working out is
something you can always count on to be there for you. I know for a
fact that people can benefit from exercise therapy. It could lead
you to something better, new friends, and newfound confidence.”

How do i
get started?

  1. Fill out our intake form below!

  2. Get our medical clearance form signed by your physician and fill out our health history form.

  3. Obtain a bone-density scan.                   *Not required for all participants.

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